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Hanson Research Announces Three Year Warranty for Release-Rate Testing Instruments

In Celebration of 65th Year in Business, Hanson Triples Warranty to Three Years

Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes from all of us at Hanson Research!

2016 Buyer’s Guide Now Available from Hanson Research

2016 Buyer’s Guide Available on Hanson Homepage

“We switched to Hanson
due to their professionalism
in customer service.”

Gary Miller, Scientist III

“I really appreciate their professionalism, attention to quality, taking the time to familiarize me...This type of service is what sets Hanson apart from other companies.”

Joseph Lee, Research Associate

“Service representatives helped demonstrate a few aspects of the calibration...so that we can better understand the process.
Very good professional
job well done.”

David Riusech, Senior Scientist
Noven Pharmaceuticals

"[The Handbook of Dissolution Testing] is an essential reference for any dissolution laboratory.”

Lee Timothy Grady, Ph.D.
Vice President and Director Emeritus, USP

“Michael Bortz reminded me for PQ/PM service in advance...That was a great help for us. I am also glad to take his advice [because] this time, calibration for all instruments was passed
without any problems."

Shigeo Iwai, Quality Control Chemist

“[Hanson's] support of the School helps to ensure that the highest quality educational programs will be available to our students. Thank you for making a difference in pharmacy education in Mississippi.”

Dean David D. Allen, Dean and Professor
School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi

“Very professional onsite service"

Yan Jia, Senior Chemist

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