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Run two different methods independently with 6+1 vessels each, or one method with 12+2 vessels simultaneously.


The Phoenix family of dry‐heat diffusion‐testing systems brings new levels of performance and ease‐of‐use for six‐cell manual sampling and up to 24‐cell automated sampling applications.

Precision Vessel Centering

Easi-Lock vessels in the CD14 tester snap securely into place, always with the exact same orientation, for highest consistency of test results and enhanced mechanical calibration.

Automated Disintegration Testing

The new Disi AutoSense™ Disintegration Tester automatically senses and records the degree of disintegration and provides enhanced support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Drag & Drop Protocols

Manage all Vision instruments, users, and protocols in a single desktop view.

Phoenix Small Diffusion Cell


Validation and Maintenance

Protect your investment with Teledyne Hanson’s comprehensive validation, maintenance, and repair programs.

Analytical Research

Take advantage of Teledyne Hanson’s analytical research lab for release rate testing and analytical test method development/validation

Tech Support

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Recent Updates

Analytical Chemist Position Open in Chestnut Ridge, NY

Position Summary and Responsibilities This position in Teledyne Hanson’s Analytical Research Center is primarily responsible for testing of pharmaceutical raw materials, finished products, stability samples, and validation samples using analytical methods and wet chemistry techniques. For further data on our lab in Chestnut Ridge, NY, download the Analytical Research Center brochure. Responsibilities: Perform routine chemical […]

Webinar: Introduction to IVRT – June 9, 2021

Join us on Wednesday June 9, 2021 for an informative webinar on in vitro release testing (IVRT) of semisolid dosage forms, moderated by Keith Hamman, Vice President and General Manager, Teledyne Hanson, and presented by RaDes GmbH’s Sascha Gorissen, Lab Operations Manager, and Michael Herbig, CEO. The webinar entitled, “Introduction to IVRT: Fundamentals of In Vitro […]

Online Configurator for Diffusion Testing Systems

Analysts interested in vertical diffusion cell (VDC) testing systems can now use Teledyne Hanson’s online configurator tool to build and review systems suited to specific applications. The Phoenix line of precision diffusion testing instruments provides efficient controls with a user-friendly interface, and high resolution release-rate testing results. The online tool makes it easy to explore […]

Quality & Equivalence of Topical Products & Nanotechnology Challenges Hybrid Workshop

Join us for the hybrid workshop entitled “Quality & Equivalence of Topical Products & Nanotechnology Challenges” to be presented in person at Geneva Medical Center University on 6 April, 2021 and streamed live online. The workshop, organized by Labhnn and sponsored by Teledyne Hanson, will focus on the new guidelines on EMA Quality and Equivalence […]

“I really appreciate their professionalism, attention to quality, taking the time to familiarize me…This type of service is what sets Hanson apart from other companies.”

Joseph Lee, Research Associate

“We switched to Hanson due to their professionalism in customer service.”

Gary Miller, Scientist III

“The Hanson vertical diffusion cell (FRANZ) adapted to use PION fiber optic probes, speeds up critical data turn-around times by eliminating HPLC back end, and gives you the ability to track 2 chromophoric compounds in real time!”

Brent Hilker, Group Preformulation Leader
CoreRX Pharma

“Hanson’s support of the School helps to ensure that the highest quality educational programs will be available to our students. Thank you for making a difference in pharmacy education in Mississippi.”

Dean David D. Allen, Dean and Professor
School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi

“Service representatives helped demonstrate a few aspects of the calibration and PM procedure so that we can better understand the process. Very good professional job well done.”

David Riusech, Senior Scientist
Noven Pharmaceuticals

“The Handbook of Dissolution Testing is an essential reference for any dissolution laboratory.”

Lee Timothy Grady, Ph.D.
Vice President and Director Emeritus, USP

“Very professional onsite service”

Yan Jia, Senior Chemist

“Hanson’s Director of Service reminded me of PQ/PM service in advance. That was a great help for us. I am also glad to take his advice; this time, calibration for all instruments passed
without any problems.”

Shigeo Iwai, Quality Control Chemist

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