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Diffusion Testing

Diffusion with the Strat-M® Membrane

Hanson Research has worked with EMD Millipore to develop a special dosage wafer for the Hanson Vertical Diffusion Cell (VDC) to accommodate the EMD Millipore Strat-M® membrane. This synthetic, non-animal based model for transdermal diffusion testing is predictive of diffusion in human skin without lot-to-lot variability, safety, and storage requirements.

Diffusion Testing

A Perfect Fit for the Vertical Diffusion Cell

By choosing Strat-M® membrane for Vertical Diffusion Cell testing, you can screen actives or rank-order formulations with unprecedented consistency and convenience. Strat-M® membrane’s predictive performance will allow you to generate meaningful data and focus your research on actives or formulations with the most potential. You will conserve your time, budget, and human skin samples for critical downstream analyses.

The Strat-M® Membrane

Diffusion through Strat-M® membrane is predictive of diffusion through human skin for a wide range of substances:

    1. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
    2. Cosmetic actives
    3. Formulations
    4. Personal care products
    5. Pesticides
    6. Chemicals

In most cases, Strat-M® membrane correlates more closely to human skin than do animal skin models commonly used for in vitro screening of transdermal formulations. And because it is a synthetic test model with low variability and no special storage or hydration requirements, Strat-M® membrane simplifies experimental design and data analysis.

Double Thick Dosage Wafer, Strat-M®

The Hanson VDC dosage wafer for the Strat-M® membrane is specifically designed to readily accommodate the EMD Millipore 25 mm Strat-M® membrane. The wafer is double thick, with a 3 mm deep dosage area, and also includes a unique and proprietary Hanson O-ring design to effectively secure the Strat-M® membrane in the VDC device without any leakage problem.

Double Thick Dosage Wafer, No-Leak

Hanson Research has also developed a similar double thick dosage wafer for use with other synthetic membrane types. The “No-Leak” dosage wafer includes a similar O-ring seal to minimize any leakage problems that analysts have experienced when working with the VDC. The double thick dosage area (3 mm deep) accommodates the infinite dose requirement for semisolid diffusion testing of creams, ointments, and gels.

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