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Ordering Phoenix Diffusion Cell Mixer-Inserts

Phoenix diffusion cell mixer-inserts are placed in the diffusion cells that are used with the Phoenix DB-6 Manual diffusion system, and the Phoenix RDS (Robotic Diffusion Station) system. Mixer-inserts come in three sizes and two different heights for each size.

Phoenix Dry Heat Diffusion Cell Mixer-Inserts

Continuous homogenization of diffusion cell contents is essential to the accuracy and repeatability of release-rate testing. In diffusion cell testing, molecules of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) migrate from a region of higher concentration (the donor chamber above the membrane) to one of lower concentration (the receptor media below the membrane). To prevent the formation of a region of high concentration just under the membrane—which would inhibit further release of API—molecules passing the membrane must be quickly dispersed throughout the receptor media.

Continuous Dispersion

In Phoenix systems the continuous dispersion of API is provided by grooved mixers rotating inside the diffusion cell, powered by six magnetic drives with brushless motors embedded in the DB-6 heating/stirring block. The innovative mixers produce strong currents capable of reaching every part of the diffusion cell, including the entirety of the media in the sampling arm. Visual testing with red dye placed on the surface of the media at the top of the sampling arm shows complete dispersion occurs within a few seconds. Further tests of mixing effectiveness on 27 groups of 6 cells each, running at a low speed (200 rpm), with Hydrocortisone cream analyzed by HPLC shows aliquots taken from the sampling arm and from the main body of the cell have the same level of concentration. For further details see “Apparatus Performance Report 99390008 Rev. 08-18 Phoenix Dry Heat Systems.”

Mixer-Insert Heights

The Phoenix mixer-insert also provides the analyst with the ability to use the same diffusion cell for two different receptor media volumes. Each cell size (small, medium, large) allows two different mixers with heights of 13 mm or 30 mm, thereby adjusting the amount of receptor media by volume displacement.

Phoenix PeeK and PTFE Mixer-Inserts


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59-207-122 Mixer, Small, 13 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX

59-207-123 Mixer, Small, 30 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX

59-207-126 Mixer, Medium, 13 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX

59-207-127 Mixer, Medium, 30 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX

59-207-130 Mixer, Large, 13 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX

59-207-131 Mixer, Large, 30 mm Tall, PEEK, PHX



59-207-140 Mixer, Small, 13 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

59-207-141 Mixer, Small, 30 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

59-207-143 Mixer, Medium, 13 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

59-207-144 Mixer, Medium, 30 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

59-207-146 Mixer, Large, 13 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

59-207-147 Mixer, Large, 30 mm Tall, PTFE, PHX

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