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Three Sized of Phoenix Diffusion Cells with Mixers

Ordering Phoenix Diffusion Cells

Phoenix diffusion cells are used with the Phoenix DB-6 Manual diffusion system, and the Phoenix RDS (Robotic Diffusion Station) system. Cells come in three sizes and are offered in clear or amber glass. Cell sleeves of black anodized aluminum are required for small and medium cells.

Phoenix Diffusion Cell Design

The most critical aspect of any lab testing instrument is its ability to produce results that are accurate (true) and precise (consistent from one test to the next). Variability—the enemy of precision—comes from inconsistencies in the test instrument itself, the test procedure, and the materials being tested. With these factors in mind, the Phoenix dry heat diffusion cell is designed to eliminate instrument variability while significantly reducing the potential for procedural inconsistencies (operator error). By incorporating improvements based on Hanson’s 30 years of experience in manual and automated diffusion cell systems, the new Phoenix cell is more durable and easier to operate while providing significantly better test results. The meniscus through the center of the fill mark conveniently indicates the receptor media has reached the level of the membrane.

Phoenix Cell Medium Amber

Cell Construction

Constructed of precision-bore tubing such as found in barrel syringes, each borosilicate glass cell is dimensionally consistent with the next. The generous 9 mm internal diameter of the sampling arm promotes rapid homogenization of receptor media and allows the use of standard pipette tips to save on costs. Standard 16 mm evaporation caps fit onto the flanged end of the sampling arm, preventing loss of media while allowing autosampling by sampling probe. Phoenix cells are durable, portable, quick to assemble, and easy to clean. Three different styles of cell cap kits are designed to work interchangeably with each cell.

Receptor Media Volume Adjustment

Phoenix diffusion cells allow the analyst to adjust receptor media volume simply by changing the mixer-insert. The use of the short mixer-insert (13 mm height) provides the maximum available volume for a particular cell size. The tall mixer-insert (30 mm height) provides a lesser volume while still allowing samples to be taken from the center of the main body of the cell as specified in USP <1724> Semisolid Drug Products—Performance Tests.

Diffusion Cell Receptor Media Volumes, Nominal, with Mixer-Inserts Installed

Heat Transfer Sleeves Required for Small and Medium Cells


Also see Ordering Mixers page and Ordering Cap Kits page.

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PHOENIX DIFFUSION CELLS, SERIALIZED 59-207-051 Cell, Small, Clear, PHX 59-207-061 Cell, Small, Amber, PHX 59-207-052 Cell, Medium, Clear, PHX 59-207-062 Cell, Medium, Amber, PHX 59-207-053 Cell, Large, Clear, PHX 59-207-063 Cell, Large, Amber, PHX
CELL SLEEVES – BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM (1 REQUIRED FOR EACH SMALL/MEDIUM CELL) 59-207-022 Cell Sleeve, Medium, PHX 59-207-023 Cell Sleeve, Small, PHX   EVAPORATION CAPS 61-107-003 Evaporation Caps, 16 mm, Reusable, Short Style (100/pk)
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