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Phoenix RDS Automated Diffusion

The Phoenix RDS (Robotic Diffusion Station) platform provides fully automated sampling and collection for either six or twelve vertical diffusion cells in a compact footprint, using the same heating and stirring blocks as are found in the DB-6. A third block holds a wash station and up to five additional media sources. Samples are collected into 12×32 vials with pre-slit septa. Controlled by Teledyne Hanson’s Diffusion Master™ software, up to two RDS systems (24 vertical diffusion cells at once) can be operated independently from a single computer workstation.


Rapid Sampling and Collection

Automated sampling using an angled probe simulates manual methods. The sample is withdrawn, collected, and then media is replaced. Volumetric accuracy meets or exceeds ± 1% or 25 μL. Staggered sampling with pre-programmed offset times makes test preparation easier. Rapid sampling requires just two minutes per cell. Carryover prevention is excellent. Typically as little as 200 μL is needed for rinsing, and custom wash protocols allow the analyst to clean the probe with one or more solvents at once or with air.

Programming Versatility

The RDS is designed to provide a broad range of programming capabilities to the analyst, including rapid setup of diffusion test parameters; configurable instructions to operators; sampling, wash, and rinse configurable on a cell-per-cell basis; speed and temperature changes during run; ability to add media to offset evaporation; ability to run different cell groups with different settings. The RDS platform supports Shimadzu, Waters, Agilent, and Thermo-Fisher trays, with a maximum drawer capacity of 108 vials (when using two trays).

Diffusion Master and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Teledyne Hanson’s Diffusion Master software provides speed, security, and scalability in an easy-to-use interface. Features include an unlimited number of users and groups; configurable permissions; password options; inactivity timeout; complete audit trail; serial number tracking; signatures for digitized and archived test reports; logs for events, errors, and test reports; searching and filtering on any number of database parameters; on-screen test progress and sample time alerts; system status and test reports output to network printer.

Diffusion Master Workstation Requirements

Minimum requirements when server and client are running on the same PC are as follows:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or 10.
  • If the server is on a different system, it can be Windows Server 2008 or newer.
  • Newer versions of SQL Server require x64 CPU.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 and compatible, or faster; x32 or x64; 2 cores minimum; 1.4 GHz minimum; 2 GHz or more recommended.
  • Memory: 2 GB min.; 4 GB recommended.
  • Storage: 20 GB free space recommended.

Phoenix RDS Supply Kit

Each Phoenix RDS system comes with start-up supplies including 14 evaporation caps, 14 stoppers, and one each of disposable syringe (20 mL), tweezers, dosage mixer, stainless steel lab spatula, bubble inspection mirror, and plastic o-ring tool.

Phoenix RDS System Specifications

  • Weight: 41.7 kg (92 lbs.) maximum (dry
  • Dimensions:
    • 62.9 cm W x 54.0 cm D x 50.8 cm H
  • USP <1724> conformance:
    • Stirring speed: ± 10%
    • Temperature: ± 1.0 °C
  • Heating block programmable from 25 °C to 46 °C.
  • Power consumption: 300 watts max.
  • Sample drawer capacity: 108 vials max.

Phoenix RDS Wetted Materials

  • Sampling probe: PEEK or stainless steel
  • Liquid lines: PTFE tubing
  • Syringe barrel: Borosilicate glass
  • Syringe plunger seal: PTFE
  • Wash lines: Tygon
  • Wash block: PVC

Ordering Information – Phoenix RDS Automated Sampling Platform

Also see Ordering Cells page, Ordering Mixers page, and Ordering Cap Kits page.

For more information, please contact your local Teledyne Hanson representative or email us at: hansonsales@teledyne.com


PHOENIX RDS DIFFUSION TESTING SYSTEMS 59-201-201 Phoenix RDS Automated Diffusion System 115/230V Includes one DB-6 block, two spare sample probes (PEEK), two spare sample probes (316 SS), and supply kit. Order cells, mixers, cap kits, and additional DB-6 blocks separately. 59-209-001 Diffusion Master Software (Required) 59-207-010 Diffusion Block Assembly (Field Install) 59-207-011 Diffusion Block Assembly (Factory Install)   Q-PAK™ QUALIFICATION GUIDELINES 59-208-210 Q-Pak for Phoenix RDS
ACCESSORIES 59-207-163 Sample Probe Kit, PEEK 59-207-184 Sample Probe Kit, 316 SS 61-107-003 Evaporation Caps, 16 mm Reusable, Short Style (100/pk) 91-030-150 Vials w/pre-cut Septum, HPLC/UPLC, 12 mm X 32 mm (100/box) 91-030-159 Vial Tray, Waters, PHXRDS 91-030-161 Vial Tray, Shimadzu, PHXRDS 59-207-025 Tray Plate, Waters, PHXRDS (Special Order) 59-207-026 Tray Plate, Thermo-Fisher, PHXRDS (Special Order)
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