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Dissolution Testing

Dissolution Tester Accessories

Teledyne Hanson provides an extensive range of dissolution tester accessories including precision dissolution vessels, vessel covers, paddles (USP Apparatus 2), baskets (USP Apparatus 1), sampling probes, temperature probes, small volume kits, filter block kits, humidity-sealed dosage-drop chambers, and more. Well-crafted accessories extend the capabilities of Hanson instruments and help lab managers and dissolution analysts obtain greater value from their investments and higher throughput from their testing facilities.



Teledyne Hanson offers a complete line of borosilicate glass dissolution vessels to accommodate a vast array of testing applications, including 1-liter, 2-liter, traditional small volume, and Chinese small volume, all with your choice of clear or amberized glass. Our USP-precision series of dissolution vessels meet or exceed USP and ASTM standards to ensure the consistency of test results. The Easi-Lock™ feature of Hanson vessels ensures secure placement into the vessel plate, while rugged, chip-proof rims prevent accidental chipping of glass. All vessels are engraved with individual serial numbers and come with a USP Certificate of Conformance (COC). For details on all available vessel types see All Vessels.



Vessel Covers

Keep media evaporation to a minimum with Teledyne Hanson Easi-Lock vessel covers. The Easi-Lock cover comes in two distinct styles: the standard Easi-Lock and Easi-Lock ADD (Auto-Dosage Delivery). The ADD™ cover is ideal for suspensions, solid dosage forms, and sinkers. Both cover styles are available for use with all Vision Easi-Lock vessels. The conical shape on the underside of the cover allows condensation to drip back into the vessel. Notches provide precise alignment with vessels. Easi-Lock cov1ers provide ports for manual and automated sampling, digital temperature probes, and return-to-vessel probes. Easi-Lock and Easi-Lock ADD covers are compatible with the 6-vessel Vision G2 Classic 6, the 8-vessel Vision G2 Elite 8, and 14-vessel CD14 Comparative Dissolution testers.


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The Easi-Lock™ Auto-Dosage Delivery (ADD™) vessel cover expands on the standard Easi-Lock vessel cover with the inclusion of a humidity-sealed dosage chamber for pre-loading of tablets for rapid manual or automated dosage drop. The ADD loading chamber accommodates most tablet and capsule sizes, suspensions, Hanson sinkers, Japanese sinkers, and other commercial sinkers. The trigger mechanism delivers dosage forms automatically via the Hanson AutoMag™ or SuperMag™ or by manual touch for methods using manual sampling with staggered start. Easi-Lock ADD™ vessel covers are compatible with the Vision G2 Classic 6, the Vision G2 Elite 8, and the 14-vessel CD14 Comparative Dissolution system.


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Baskets and paddles

Choose from a variety of baskets (USP App. 1), paddles (USP App. 2), and apparatuses for testing transdermal products within the dissolution tester, such as paddle-over-disk (USP App. 5), rotating cylinder (USP App. 6), and immersion cells. Mini baskets and mini paddles for small volume (150 mL), Chinese small volume (250 mL), and immersion cell applications are also available. The Teledyne Hanson spin-shaft design allows quick changeover of the lower apparatus portion from the upper shaft, which remains firmly in place to maintain accurate height measurements, especially when switching between different apparatus types.


Baskets & Paddles

Manual Sampling Cannula

Manual sampling cannulas are used with the Vision G2 Classic 6, Vision G2 Elite 8, and CD14 dissolution testers. They are made of PEEK (polyether ether ketone), have a 1/8″ diameter orifice, are adjustable, and use tip filters or in-line/syringe filters, typically with a Luer-type disposable syringe (91-030-132). Manual Sampling Cannula are made to accommodate 2-liter applications (74-105-360) and all other applications (74-104-201).

Fixed Length Vessel-mount probes

Fixed length vessel-mount sample probes made of Type 316 stainless steel are mounted directly into the vessel cover. Fixed probe lengths are available for dissolution media volumes of 500 mL (74-104-202), 900 mL (74-104-203), and 2-liter (74-105-370).

Adjustable Length Vessel-mount probes

Adjustable length vessel-mount sample probes allow you to set the exact sampling height. They are made of 316 stainless-steel, and have a 1/16 inch diameter orifice. Different styles fit small volume applications (74-104-211), USP App. 5 and other volumes except small volume (74-104-204) and a 900 mL system (74-104-216).

Filter Block Kit

The Filter Block Kit allows syringe-type filters to be placed into the fluidic path of Vision® testers and AutoPlus™ autosamplers for manual or automated sampling methods. Eight positions accept compatible filters up to 33 mm in diameter. The block is easily installed in your preferred orientation on the left or right side of the instrument for easily accessible sampling. The filter block kit is compatible with vessel-mount probes and magazine-mounted systems including Teledyne Hanson AutoMag™ and SuperMag™. The filter block kit can be used with the Vision G2 Classic 6, the Vision G2 Elite 8, and the CD14 Comparative Dissolution system.


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Media Replace Beaker System

The Media Replace Beaker System consists of a jacketed beaker that warms media to the intended test media temperature. The two ports in the beaker’s jacket connect it to both the Classic 6 waterbath and Vision Heater, which allows warmed water to continuously flow through the entire system, creating a stabilized temperature environment for media. The Media Replace Beaker system is an optional accessory available for the Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution tester. Features: Adds a seventh position for warmed media;

holds 1 L of solution; jacketed exterior keeps media warm for immediate use during your test; comes complete with a beaker cover and 6 probes to connect to your Vision® AutoPlus™; includes all the tubing and quick-disconnect fittings to connect to your Classic 6™; field retrofit option available.


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Small Volume Dissolution (150 mL systems)

Small volume dissolution accessories include small volume round-bottom vessels, Easi-Lock covers and adapter rings, mini spin-paddles, mini baskets, and mini-basket shafts. Small volume flat-bottom vessels are available for immersion cell applications.


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Chinese Small Volume Dissolution (250 mL Systems)

Teledyne Hanson Chinese Small Volume (CSV) components adapt directly to Vision® G2 dissolution testers for applications requiring less than 500 mL of dissolution media and to conform with the specifications of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP). Chinese Small Volume (CSV) Dissolution accessories include 250 mL round-bottom vessels in clear or amber glass, a mini spin-paddle, and a Chinese small volume cover and adapter ring.


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Stationary Basket and Vessel Cover

The stationary basket for 1 L manual or automated systems helps with problems associated with floating, sticking, and swelling dosage forms, and complies with the USP monograph for Felodipine extended-release tablets. The 8-mesh basket is made of 316 stainless steel and is compatible with manual and automated-sampling systems.  The stationary basket cover (74-107-019) accommodates the 1-liter vessel and the stationary basket. For more information see Baskets & Paddles page.

Apparatus Trays

Protect the integrity of your dissolution apparatus. Made from sturdy PVC, these compact, stackable trays are the safest and most convenient method of storing USP paddles, baskets, and basket shafts.The Vision 1 Apparatus Tray is designed to hold Vision 1 Liter spin-basket shafts and spin-paddles, and will also accommodate many other brands of shafts up to 216 mm in length. The Vision 2 Apparatus Tray is designed to hold the longer shafts for Vision 2 Liter and SR8-Plus™, and will also accommodate many other brands of shafts up to 380 mm in length. Numbered locations help maintain USP/ASTM compliance for apparatus positioning with respect to the dissolution tester. Built-in drainage allows the apparatus to be washed and dried in place. Compatible with Vision G2 Classic 6, Vision G2 Elite 8, and CD14 Comparative Dissolution systems. 


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 Accessories For Testing of Semisolids

Teledyne Hanson dissolution testers can be used to test semisolids such as patches, ointments, gels, and other topical preparations, in conformance with methods such as USP Apparatus 5 – Paddle Over Disk, USP Apparatus 6 – Rotating Cylinder, and the immersion cell per USP<1724> section on Drug Release Rate Determination Using Immersion Cell Apparatus: “The immersion cell can be used with USP Apparatus 2 (see general chapter Dissolution <711>) with vessel volumes that vary from 100 mL up to 4 L, but the 150- or 200-mL vessels are the most commonly used. A flat-bottom variation of the 150- or 200-mL vessel can be used to avoid the issue of dead space under the cell when it is used in a round-bottom vessel.”


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Semisolids Testing Accessories

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