Fiber Optic System
Fiber Optic Dissolution

Fiber Optic System

Hanson Research is proud to collaborate with Pion to offer fiber optic dissolution monitoring for dissolution labs around the world. Pion's line of fiber optic systems covers all of your in situ UV monitoring needs. From compendial USP apparatus types, to innovative small volume configurations, Pion instrumentation offers significant advantages over more traditional techniques.

Dissolution Testing
at the Speed of Light

Vision G2 dissolution test instruments are designed for the 21st century, with state of the art electronics, mechanics, and quality throughout. These systems are power-packed for the demands of today's pharmaceutical scientist, from research to formulations, to quality control and assurance.

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Dissolution Testing <br> at the Speed of Light
Fiber Optic UV Analysis

Fiber Optic UV Analysis

  • No volume loss from vessel
  • No filtration needed
  • No cross contamination
  • More data about product release
  • Durable stainless steel dip probes
  • Interchangeable pathlength tip
  • Adapters for point of sample analysis positioning

“The Hanson vertical diffusion cell (FRANZ) adapted to use PION fiber optic probes, speeds up critical data turn-around times by eliminating HPLC back end, and gives you the ability to track 2 chromophoric compounds in real time!”

Brent Hilker, Group Formulation Leader
CoreRx Pharma

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