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Dissolution Testers

Super Precision Vessel

The new Super Precision Vessel™ with its closer conformance to an ideal vessel shape provides more consistent vessel-to-vessel dissolution test results in USP Apparatus 2, a crucial concern in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, and quality control facilities. The new development is based on Hanson’s extensive work with standard-precision versus super-precision vessels in the legacy SR8-Plus series of dissolution testers, an experience that has corroborated the findings of investigators within the industry indicating vessel quality is a significant factor in obtaining consistent and repeatable results in USP Apparatus 2.

Dissolution Testers

Reliable Results

The Hanson Super Precision Vessel resolves issues relating to routine calibration of dissolution testing equipment, whether by chemical calibration using USP Prednisone Reference Standard tablets, by enhanced mechanical calibration (EMC) according to industry standards such as ASTM E2503-13, or by a pharmaceutical company’s own in-house protocols. The nearly identical shape of the inner surfaces within each set of six or eight vessels significantly reduces any variability in dissolution test results that might otherwise be traced to this “vessel quality factor.”

Dissolution Testers

PVT Pass Rate

An analysis of six years of field testing results, comparing standard-precision to super-precision vessels, shows the Hanson SPV provides a far greater chance of passing the USP Performance Verification Test (PVT) at Stage 1, thereby minimizing downtime and reducing labor costs. Details of the study are contained in a 20-page report available from Hanson, entitled “Apparatus Performance Report 99-390-005—Improving the Consistency of USP Apparatus 2 with Hanson Research Super Precision Vessels.” Contact Sales for a copy of this report.

The Hanson SPV is now available in 1-liter vessel capacities, clear or amber, for the SR8-Plus, Vision G2 Classic 6, and Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution testers.

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