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Dissolution Applications

Teledyne Hanson dissolution tester applications include Apparatus 1 – Baskets, Apparatus 2 – Paddles, small volume (150 mL), Chinese small volume (250 mL systems), and diffusion-testing applications for semisolids including Apparatus 5 – Paddle Over Disk, Apparatus 6 – Rotating Cylinder, and the Immersion Cell per USP <1724>.

USP Apparatus 1 – Baskets

Teledyne Hanson dissolution testers such as the six-vessel Classic 6™ , the eight-vessel Elite 8™,  and the 14-vessel CD14, enable analysts to perform tests with Apparatus 1 baskets that conform to USP <711> Dissolution. These USP App. 1 baskets come in different size mesh, are serialized and made of 316 stainless steel. The Teledyne Hanson spin-shaft design allows quick changeover of the lower apparatus portion from the upper shaft, which remains firmly in place to maintain accurate height measurements, especially when switching between different apparatus types.


Baskets & Paddles

USP Apparatus 2 – Paddles

Teledyne Hanson dissolution testers use Apparatus 2 Paddles in conformance with USP <711> Dissolution. All paddles are serialized and are made of PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) or Type 316 stainless steel.


Baskets & Paddles

Small Volume Dissolution (150 mL systems)

Convert your 1-liter Vision® G2 Elite 8™ or Vision® G2 Classic 6™ tester into a small-volume dissolution system (manual or automated sampling) for low-concentration drug formulations and other special applications. Small volume accessories include small volume round-bottom vessels, Easi-Lock covers and adapter rings, mini spin-paddles, mini baskets, and mini-basket shafts. Small volume flat-bottom vessels are available for immersion cell applications. For more information see the Accessories page.


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Chinese Small Volume Dissolution (250 mL Systems)

Teledyne Hanson Chinese Small Volume (CSV) components adapt directly to Vision® G2 dissolution testers for applications requiring less than 500 mL of dissolution media and to conform with the specifications of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP). The CP-compliant 250 mL CSV vessel has a greater capacity than the traditional 150 mL small-volume vessel. Two ports in the vessel cover allow manual sampling or autosampling through a fixed vessel-mount probe and an optional return-to-vessel port. When configured with the Hanson SuperMag™, autosampling can also be performed through magazine-mounted auto-probes. Small volume dissolution can be performed with a Vision G2 Classic 6 or Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution tester. For more information see the Accessories page.


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USP Apparatus 5 Paddle over disk (Transdermal Patch)

The Hanson Transdermal Sandwich (USP App. 5) is a convenient disk assembly recommended by the US FDA for testing patch dosage forms in a standard dissolution test station. It consists of a glass watchglass (on which the patch is placed, delivery side up), a 17 mesh PVDF screen to hold the patch, and PVDF clips to hold the disk assembly together. USP App. 5 – Paddle over Disk , can be performed with our six-vessel Classic 6, eight-vessel Elite 8 or 14-vessel CD14 dissolution tester. The assembly accommodates patches up to 90 mm in diameter.


Semisolids Testing Accessories

USP Apparatus 6 Rotating Cylinder

The USP Apparatus 6 Rotating Cylinder complies with USP <724> and holds patches up to 5 x 14 cm in size. For larger patches up to 10 x 14 cm in size, a rotating cylinder with extension is available (both pieces are matched and must be purchased together). The rotating cylinder and extension are serialized and come with a Certificate of Conformance. The accessories are used with 1 L vessels and standard dissolution equipment as described in USP <711>, including the  Teledyne Hanson Vision G2 Classic 6, Vision G2 Elite 8 and CD14 dissolution testers.


Semisolids Testing Accessories

Immersion Cell for SEMI SOLIDS (Small Volume)

The Hanson Immersion Cell is designed for release-rate testing of ointments and other topical preparations in the convenience of standard dissolution test equipment. It is designed for use with the 150 mL (small volume) flat-bottom vessels to eliminate dead volume. The immersion cell uses standard 25 mm filter disks, and its 3 mm deep dosage area provides for testing of infinite dose topical applications. Immersion cells with convenient assembly tools are available as a set. Extra immersion cells may be ordered separately. See USP <1724> for more information. Use immersion cells with 150 mL flat-bottom vessels in any Vision G2 tester (Vision G2 Classic 6 or Vision G2 Elite 8).



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Semisolids Testing Accessories

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