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Sample Filtration

Vision® AutoFilter Changer

The Vision AutoFilter Changer automatically introduces 25 mm syringe filters into the fluidic path of your dissolution samples. Designed as a seamless addition to Hanson’s Vision® family of quality test instruments, the Vision AutoFilter Changer brings a new approach to automated filtration by giving you the power to determine the life of your filters.


Rather than discard filters after one-time use, the Vision AutoFilter Changer enables you to automatically introduce filters to the fluidic path, remove them if desired, return them back into position, or completely discard them, all of which is programmable. There are almost no limitations to the Vision AutoFilter Changer — you decide what works best for your method.



The Vision® AutoFilter™ Changer
The Future of Filtration

Vision-Exclusive Features

Take advantage of the Vision AutoFilter’s full potential. Advanced Vision-exclusive features can only be used when the Vision AutoFilter operates in conjunction with the Vision family of quality test equipment—an Elite 8 or Classic 6 dissolution tester, an AutoPlus autosampler, and an AutoFill collector.

  • Simultaneous use with 1, 2, or 3 Vision dissolution testers
  • Reuse filters as many times as desired
  • Back-flushing option
  • Pre-filtering option
  • Media replacement option (for up to 2 Vision dissolution testers)
  • Rinse with or without filters
  • Sample dilution option
  • Rinse retrieval option
  • Full test reporting
  • Firmware and fluidic design to overcome problem filters and media
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