Vision® G2 Classic 6™
Dissolution Testers

Vision® G2 Classic 6™

The Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution tester is the compact, rugged workhorse sibling to the Vision G2 Elite 8. Named in honor of the world’s first dissolution tester, a six-position test station introduced by Hanson Research in 1969, the G2 Classic 6 is precision engineered to ease the rigors of manual dissolution testing. The G2 Classic 6 meets and exceeds worldwide standards including compliance with USP, FDA, ASTM, EP, JP, CE, CSA, RoHS, and 21 CFR Part 11.

Accessory Options

Elite 8™ Classic 6™
Easi-Lock™ USP 1 L precision vessels
Detachable USP paddles and baskets with spin-shafts
ASTM Certificate of Conformity included with USP accessories
Easi-Lock™ vessel covers
ADD™ (Auto-Dosage Delivery) vessel covers
Fixed vessel-mount sample probes with cartridge filters
Wide choice of filters (tip, cartridge, and in-line)
In-line filter block kit (for manual and automated sampling)
Serial printer with non-thermal paper
USP Apparatus 5 paddle over disk
USP apparatus 6 rotating cylinder
Small volume vessels using "mini-paddle"
Immersion cell for semisolids (small volume)
Precision calibration tools
Hanson Q-Pak™ functional validation guideline (USP & ASTM)
HRCare™ IQ/OQ/PQ validation and support program
Media-prep and deaeration with Hanson Media-Mate Plus™
2 Liter "high stand" for large volume testing
AutoMag™ (for 1 L and 2 L autosampling)
SuperMag™ (switchable for 1 L and small volume autosampling)
Inert easy-change sample probes for AutoMag™ & SuperMag™
Digital Temperature Probe (DTPs) for each vessel (DTPs are ordered with AutoMag™ & SuperMag™)
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Vision® G2 Elite 8™
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Vision® G2 Elite 8™
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