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Dissolution Testers

Vision® G2 Elite 8

The Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution tester is a versatile performance machine, built with the highest quality components and engineering. The G2 Elite 8’s ergonomic design and workhorse performance make it ideal for automation and extended applications as well as for 8-sample manual testing. The G2 Elite 8 meets and exceeds worldwide standards including compliance with USP, US FDA, ASTM, EP, JP, CE, CSA, RoHS, and 21 CFR Part 11.

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Vision G2 Dissolution Testing

Vision G2 dissolution testers are designed with over 60 years of dissolution expertise and know-how. The modular design is plug-and-play ready making these systems upgradeable or automated without the need for separate firmware. They come standard with a full color touchscreen and intuitive menus, giving users the confidence of precision control for speeds 25-250 rpm and temperature 25-55 °C. Powerful programming, backed by a robust security system for 25 users, features the ability to create up to 100 unique protocols that can be conveniently transferred by flash drive to other Vision G2 testers, resulting in higher throughput and sample analysis.



The Vision® G2 Elite 8™

Expect to Outperform

Accessory Options

Elite 8 Classic 6
Easi-Lock USP 1 L precision vessels
Detachable USP paddles and baskets with spin-shafts
ASTM Certificate of Conformity included with USP accessories
Easi-Lock vessel covers
ADD (Auto-Dosage Delivery) vessel covers
Fixed vessel-mount sample probes with cartridge filters
Wide choice of filters (tip, cartridge, and in-line)
In-line filter block kit (for manual and automated sampling)
Serial printer with non-thermal paper
USP Apparatus 5 paddle over disk
USP apparatus 6 rotating cylinder
Small volume vessels using “mini-paddle”
Immersion cell for semisolids (small volume)
Precision calibration tools
Hanson Q-Pak functional validation guideline (USP & ASTM)
HRCare IQ/OQ/PQ validation and support program
Media-prep and deaeration with Hanson Media-Mate Plus
2 Liter “high stand” for large volume testing
AutoMag (for 1 L and 2 L autosampling)
SuperMag (switchable for 1 L and small volume autosampling)
Inert easy-change sample probes for AutoMag & SuperMag
Digital Temperature Probe (DTPs) for each vessel (DTPs are ordered with AutoMag & SuperMag)

Vision G2 Elite 8 High Stand

The deeper waterbath of the Vision G2 Elite 8 High Stand accommodates 2 L vessels for high-concentration drug formulations. Order direct from the factory or purchase a conversion kit to upgrade an existing 1 L system.
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