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The Phoenix family of dry‐heat diffusion instruments builds on Hanson’s long history of innovation in the art of topical and transdermal product testing. The new Phoenix DB‐6, our six‐cell manual sampling system, provides an easy‐to‐use, fully portable solution with built‐in heating and stirring, a compact footprint, and a new precision glass cell design. The DB‐6 is controlled by an advanced color touch screen running on a single‐board computer with a fast processor, vast data storage capacity, and a built‐in database. The Phoenix Dry Heat cell at the heart of the system allows scientists to choose from a broad range of receptor volumes, orifice sizes, and dosage volumes, using modular precision-machined components that keep lab costs low. For facilities engaged in higher volumes of tests and concerned about lab capacity and scarcity of trained resources, the new Phoenix RDS automated diffusion testing station allows unattended operation for up to 24 cells at once. Controlled by our sophisticated Diffusion Master software on a Windows PC, the Phoenix RDS also helps to eliminate inconsistencies caused by variances in procedures. Regulatory compliance is enhanced by the software’s database integrity, user security settings, and complete audit trail. For further information and a video overview of the capabilities of the system, visit Phoenix Dry Heat Systems.

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