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A hybrid workshop (in person and online) entitled “Quality & Equivalence of Topical Products & Nanotechnology Challenges” will be presented at Geneva Medical Center University on 6 April, 2021. The workshop is being organized by Labhnn and is sponsored by Teledyne Hanson. The workshop will focus on the new guidelines on EMA Quality and Equivalence of Topical Products to be enacted soon, which will result in new challenges and potential benefits.

The event organizer, Dr. Hasler-Nguyen has gathered a panel of international experts who will share their research and practical experiences related to this new guideline. Nanotechnology challenges, which currently have no guidelines, will also be addressed. Speakers include: Prof. Richard Guy, Bath University (United Kingdom); Dr. Vinod Shah, formerly FDA (United States); Prof. Yogeshvar Kalia, Geneva University (Switzerland); Prof. Stefan Muhlebach, Basel University (Switzerland); Dr. Maria Lapteva, Geneva University (Switzerland); and Prof. Christian Surber, Basel University (Switzerland).

Teledyne Hanson’s distribution partner Synersy will be conducting a demonstration of our
Phoenix DB-6 diffusion testing system at the event.

Note that contacts referred by Teledyne Hanson are eligible for a 25% discount on the registration fee. To obtain the discount, first contact Nathalie Hasler by email to info@labhnn.com.

For further information visit Labhnn Workshop.

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