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The new Disi AutoSense Disintegration Tester is now available from Teledyne Hanson Research. The Disi AutoSense system delivers fully automated disintegration testing resulting in higher productivity and improved compliance to 21 CFR Part 21. The intelligent features of the Disi AutoSense include automatic validation of media temperature,  calibration of stroke length at start of each test, real-time detection and profiling of product disintegration, and automatic end-of-test detection. Each tester position operates independently to allow testing of four different products at once. SmartBasket technology includes a magnetic quick-connect for self alignment of baskets, rapid assembly and disassembly, and easy cleanup. Construction is heavy duty, with no exposed wires and no risk of corrosion. Controlled by sophisticated software running on Windows, one workstation operates up to seven testers. Regulatory compliance is enhanced by the software’s database integrity, user security settings, and complete audit trail. Disintegration test results are automatically archived and presented in table and graphical formats. The Disi AutoSense is available in two-position or four-position models. All Disi AutoSense testers are backed by Teledyne Hanson’s world-renowned installation, qualification, preventive maintenance, and tech support services. For further information and a video overview of the capabilities of the system, visit Disi AutoSense.

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