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Hanson Research, the pioneer of dissolution and diffusion equipment, today announced the launch of its new Easi-Lock vessel cover design, now available in two styles: the standard Easi-Lock vessel cover (p/n 74-107-022) and the Easi-Lock Auto-Dosage Delivery (“ADD”) vessel cover (p/n 74-107-023).

Hanson’s new Easi-Lock design provides improved performance in vessel evaporation, less condensation sticking to the underside of the cover, and ease of use due to minimal effort in opening and closing the vessel cover. Both vessel cover styles can be washed in nearly any laboratory dishwasher, and each has a visible part number embossed on its surface for efficient reordering.

The new Easi-Lock ADD vessel cover is the simplest and least expensive auto pill dropper available. These revolutionary vessel covers have a sealed protected dosage chamber that is compatible with a variety of dosage forms including traditional tablets, capsules, gel caps, and even liquid suspensions. They can be used in either a manual or automated environment to ensure uniform, reliable, and reproducible dropping of the dosage form into the dissolution vessels.

“To address the needs of the ever-shrinking lab budgets, we designed the new Easi-Lock vessel covers using a mold process that reduces the cost significantly,” stated Steve Shaw, Chief Engineer of Hanson Research. “This allows Hanson Research to continue offering high quality products while still supporting local jobs without the need to outsource this product overseas.”

The new Easi-Lock vessel cover will be replacing the Easi-Lock CS vessel cover (p/n 74-107-012) and the previous Easi-Lock vessel cover (p/n 74-104-151). The new Easi-Lock ADD vessel cover will be replacing the Easi-Lock ADD CS vessel cover (p/n 74-107-013) and the previous Easi-Lock ADD vessel cover (p/n 74-104-152).

For more information, please visit hansonresearch.com/contact-us/ or contact us at hansonsales@teledyne.com.

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