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New Automated System Provides Precise Automatic Sampling from Topical Vertical Diffusion Cells into HPLC Vials for Sample Analysis

Munich, Germany (April 1, 2014) Hanson Research Corporation, the pioneer of dissolution and diffusion test equipment, today revealed its third generation automated diffusion test system , the Vision Microette, to the European market at Analytica 2014. The Vision Microette is an ideal research and quality control tool for the study of topical and transdermal drug delivery formulations, as well as ophthalmics, cosmetics, skin care products, and pesticides.

“Topical and transdermal drug delivery is fast becoming a new horizon for pharmaceutical testing, which is changing the way many medicines are administered worldwide,” stated Royal Hanson, CEO of Hanson Research. “To ensure customer success and better quality control in this field, we upgraded our popular MicroettePlus system to our new Vision operating platform so that customers have the reliability of rock-solid mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics to ensure successful diffusion tests.”

Hanson Research’s first-generation vertical diffusion cell test system was introduced in the 1980s. Leading the industry in this technology, Hanson’s vertical diffusion cell systems continue to offer scientists more tools, more precision, and fewer variables, raising the standards for R&D and quality assurance worldwide.

The new Vision Microette system includes a versatile “multi-group” system that handles up to three sets of vertical diffusion cells (18 cells total), and a lower cost “single-group” system automating one set of vertical diffusion cells (6 cells total). Customers can contact their local Hanson account manager for more information about the Vision Microette.

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