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Hanson Research, a privately held Southern California technology company which focuses primarily on developing high tech instruments for pharmaceutical dissolution and diffusion testing, will launch an on-line UV system at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) annual meeting and expo in Orlando, FL on October 25, 2015.

Hanson Research currently sells a refined line of modular dissolution testers and autosamplers which provide users with a flexible, semi-automated approach for both immediate release and extended release dosage forms. The systems are semi-automated because the dissolution samples are collected into capped vials or test tubes but then have to be processed off-line by UV or HPLC by the user. With Hanson’s new system, the samples will be automatically pushed into flow cells where UV absorbance readings will take place before the samples are then collected into capped test tubes or returned back to the vessels.

Hanson Research chose Shimadzu and their renowned UV-1800, and Solvias’ ARGUS/Dissolution software to complete the package. Hanson reports that this trinity of expertise combines dissolution, spectrophotometry, and 21 CFR Part 11 PC software expertise under one umbrella for the benefit of the user.

The systems are scalable and configurable starting with one dissolution tester and a peri-pump (“Closed Loop with Peri-Pump”) all the way up to three-bath systems using precision autosampling (“Detect & Collect”). This modularity can accommodate simpler dissolution runs or extremely complex methods and high throughput. The foundation of the new system is the Hanson Vision line of dissolution testers and precision autosamplers.

Hanson’s instrument technology has had a modular design concept since the company commercialized the world’s first dissolution tester in the 1960s. That same approach is still a design requirement today as they continue to innovate. Says Royal Hanson, CEO of Hanson Research, about their new on-line UV system, “We wanted to work with a world class, high-quality UV and the best dissolution software package available. Therefore it was only natural that we chose Shimadzu and Solvias’ ARGUS/Dissolution. These folks are also great people and great partners. Although this is being marketed as a Hanson product, Shimadzu and Solvias are standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we ensure customer success. We’ve collaborated to bring the industry an on-line UV system that’s so flexible that nearly any dissolution method that requires a UV finish, whether in R&D or QC, will benefit”.

For more information, please visit Hanson Research at AAPS Booth #1340.

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