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Hanson Research, the pioneer of dissolution and diffusion equipment, today introduced the new Media Replace Beaker system for the Vision G2 Classic 6, an award-winning 6-position dissolution tester. With the addition of the new Media Replace Beaker system, the Classic 6 can now simultaneously warm an additional 1 liter of media while performing a six-sample dissolution test. The warmed media can then be replaced either manually into the dissolution vessels or automatically using the Vision® AutoPlus™ autosampler.

“Dissolution labs with a tight budget need a high-quality yet low-cost dissolution tester like the Classic 6” stated Keith Hamman, President of Hanson Research. “With the new Media Replace Beaker system, labs still get the benefit of a low-cost, compact tester but with the added advantage of higher capability.”

The Media Replace Beaker system consists of a jacketed beaker that warms media to the intended test temperature. The two ports in the beaker’s jacket connect it to both the Classic 6 waterbath and Vision Heater, which allows warmed water to continuously flow through the entire system, creating a stabilized temperature environment for media. The Media Replace Beaker system is an optional accessory available for your new or existing Classic 6 dissolution tester.

For more information about this product, please contact your local Hanson representative or email us at hansonsales@teledyne.com.

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