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Abstract: A multiparticulate formulation technology can be beneficial in designing a patient-centric dosage form. One such dosage form is minitablets, which are compressed tablets with typical diameters of one to four millimeters. Minitablets can offer versatile applications, including as a pediatric dosage form, for patients with dysphagia, and uses where rapid or flexible dose adjustments are needed. Variations of the tablet formulation and coating systems can achieve specific functionalities such as orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), extended release formulations, or gastrointestinal-targeted delivery. Many of the manufacturing unit operations used to produce minitablet-based dosage forms are the same as those employed in manufacturing of larger tablet images. However, due their unique size, some adjustments to the manufacturing processes and testing approaches may be required. These considerations are discussed in this paper, along with perspectives of the challenges and opportunities of designing a minitablet-based dosage forms.

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