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Teledyne Hanson offers eighteen different vertical diffusion cell options. Diffusion cells include standard choices such as cell volume sizes (4, 7, 12 mL); clear or amberized glass; standard membrane or Strat-M® membrane; and other custom designs to support special applications. Teledyne Hanson’s team of development engineers can further support any unique application by designing special diffusion cells that accommodate applications such as in-situ fiber optics, non-viscous dosage forms, permeation through fingernails and toenails, iontophoresis, and more.

Rather than packaging the diffusion cell drive with the cells, making 18 different packages, Teledyne Hanson now offers its diffusion cell choices separately from the diffusion drive system. The diffusion drive includes a fully-operational cell drive system for operating six diffusion cells and a manual sampling kit with tools to sample cells and warm the media. To purchase the 6-cell diffusion drive platform and manual sampling kit, order part number 59-104-001.

The diffusion drive is a major component of the 6-cell manual diffusion test system. The 6-cell manual diffusion test system is a start-up vertical diffusion cell test system ideal for manual use and sampling. It is adaptable for later addition of the popular Vision® Microette autosampler.

For more information about Hanson’s diffusion cells and complete systems, please contact your local Teledyne Hanson representative or call the Hanson factory sales department at +1-818-882-7266.

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