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Learn about the influence of test parameters on the release rate of hydrocortisone from cream using Hanson vertical diffusion cells. Courtesy of Dissolution Technologies magazine.



Vertical diffusion cells (VDC) have been envisaged as in vitro surrogates for ensuring product quality and performance for topical preparations. USP General Chapter <1724> Semisolid Drug Products – Product Performance Tests describes the application of VDC as one of the apparatus required for in vitro testing of topical products. Knowledge of various operational parameters and their impact on drug release during diffusion experiments thus becomes imperative. In the present study, parameters like temperature, composition of receptor medium, speed of stirring, and filled volume of cell jacket have been evaluated for their influence on drug release rate from hydrocortisone cream employing vertical diffusion cells. The statistical analysis of the results was performed by one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post hoc test. Results suggest that the composition of the receptor medium significantly influences drug release from cream, and slower stirring rates translate to lower release rates. On the other hand, within experimental design, the temperature of the receptor and filled condition of the cell jacket do not influence drug release significantly.

Keywords: Hydrocortisone cream; vertical diffusion cell; in vitro release of topicals; dissolution.


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