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Hanson Research Corporation, an innovator in percutaneous diffusion cell testing, announced today its introduction of a special Vertical Diffusion Cell (VDC) accessory for use with the unique Merck Millipore Strat-M® membrane. This synthetic, non-animal based model for transdermal diffusion testing is predictive of diffusion in human skin without lot-to-lot variability, safety and storage limitations.

Diffusion through the Merck Millipore Strat-M® membrane is predictive of diffusion through human skin for a wide range of substances including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), cosmetic actives, formulations, personal care products, pesticides, and chemicals.

“Hanson Research is excited to introduce a Vertical Diffusion Cell specifically designed to work with Merck Millipore’s Strat-M® membrane. The Strat-M® membrane is a breakthrough for researchers working with animal and human skin, considering all of the problems associated such as variability, storage, hydration, and the breakdown of skin. I believe our two companies provide scientists with an excellent solution for this critical area of diffusion testing,” stated Royal Hanson, CEO of Hanson Research.

The Hanson Vertical Diffusion Cell for use with the Merck Millipore Strat-M® membrane will be demonstrated at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) annual meeting and expo in Orlando, FL on October 25-29, 2015 at Hanson AAPS Booth #1340, and at the annual Controlled Release Society (CRS) meeting and exhibition in Seattle, Washington, July 17-20, 2016.

Merck Millipore and Strat-M are trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

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